How to Sell Mattresses Better Online: 5 Tips That You Need To Know

A mattress is just a mattress to the normal consumer, but you can easily make it sound like its the best thing they could ever buy. It needs great sales skills this doesn’t mean you have to be Donald Trump, but there are basic sales tips you can cover and start realizing great volumes.

Educate the Client about Sleep

When you have your product images in high quality and the website layout interactive enough, you can begin by educating the consumer about sleep. Not many people out there know about sleep patterns or how a poor quality mattress can affect their body posture. When the consumer feels educated, they will value your opinion a lot and this warms them up to consider your product.

Set-up Video Demonstrations

The client cant know how great your product is until you show them how its used. Set up video demonstrations on how the consumer can effectively use the mattress. What are some of the special features of the mattress? All this can only be best explained in a short video clip on your website.

Sell the Benefits

Not many people know that their mattresses could be the number one problem of joint aches or back pains. Let them know that your mattresses come with features that help in back support and will offer the much needed comfort the consumer is looking for.

Mattress Accessories

Pillows, duvets or Bed frames are never add-ons – they are the reason your client will sleep better at night! If you sell bed accessories as well, don’t treat them as add-ons that will come out as an option to the client. They need that pillow to have a good night sleep on that mattress so let them buy the whole package.

Give Testimonials

No consumer ever wants to be the first person to try a product so a customer review or testimonial will put them at ease. They want to know that your product is tried, tested and offers the benefits it claims to have. After all, there are plenty of online mattress sellers out there. Include a testimonial page and you have your client sold to your product.

Lastly comes the important part of the entire sales journey – the call to action. When you are convinced the consumer is excited enough about the mattress, then put a link at every bottom page that says something in the line of Click here to order your first discount mattress with pillows. Never let the consumer carry the excitement elsewhere, they could end up being your rivals luck!

Buying Sleeping Pills

I would advise against sleeping pills, especially if you aren’t going into it with the thought that it will be just temporary.  You should really see a doctor if you are having trouble sleeping.  Furthermore, there are many different ways that you can change your lifestyle naturally that will help you sleep better without you having to take sleeping pills.  Do you use electronics before bed?  If so, simply eliminating that activity could improve your ability to get better sleep.  The light from the electronics confuses your body into thinking that you are just waking up and that you should be wide awake.  So, you should eliminate that if that is something that you currently do.

Do you drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol?  If so, that is probably really getting in the way of you going to sleep and staying asleep.  Both chemicals mess with your brain and your natural sleep system.  Cutting back on these substances will go a long way to helping you sleep better.

You should also better analyze the root of your lack of sleep.  Do you have a stressful job or are you currently in a stressful situation with your personal life?  If so, stress really gets in the way of having a good night of sleep.  One thing that I have found to be a great stress reliever is meditation.  It’s sounds like something only hippies do, but it really works if you are serious about it and give it a fair shake.  Other stress-relieving ideas are things like going for walks or otherwise just exercising a lot.  If you can get to the root of your lack of sleep and change your behavior naturally, you won’t need sleeping pills.

Sleeping pills do work well, but that’s also part of the problem.  Over even a short period of time, you will grow to become dependent on them, which is something you want to avoid.  You will find yourself unable to sleep unless you use sleeping pills.  That’s the main reason why I would recommend avoiding them.  If you can do something naturally without the risk of dependency, you should definitely do it.

SEO Tips For e-Commerce Websites

e-Commerce websites bring about their own unique challenges.  SEO is an area where that definitely is the case (see e-Commerce king Shopify talk about this here).  Everyone basically knows that SEO is important and can really alter a business’s trajectory for the better when done well.  There are many limitations to SEO for e-Commerce websites specifically, just given the nature of those websites.  It’s a bit harder to come out with a lot of content, for example, especially compared to a news site.  Having said all of this, I thought I would put together a quick tips guide for doing SEO well for e-Commerce websites.  Here are some tips.

Active Blog

If you only have a few products and don’t change them very often, it’s easy to have stale content.  Google likes to see fresh content being uploaded to a site on a regular basis (listen to an NYC SEO company’s podcast on this subject for more information).  That is a bit harder for e-Commerce websites, but having a blog is a great way to get around that limitation.  Keep your blog updated consistently.  It’s a great way to have updated content on your site, which pleases Google to no end.  It’s also a way to attack the long-tail terms.  Let’s say you sell black leather men’s boots.  You would want to rank your product or collection pages for the term “black leather men’s boots.”  However, there are many more phrases that you could address with a blog, like “how to style black leather men’s boots.”  People will find you through your blog posts, and then potentially they’ll navigate through your site and maybe even buy something at some point.

Take Advantage Of Internal Linking

If you have several collections and many products within those collections, you can really stand to benefit from good internal linking.  Link all your products up to the main collections pages, assuming the big keywords you want to rank for are represented by those collection pages.  The chances are that you will naturally get links to different products pages.  If you don’t link those product pages to anything else on your site, you are really missing out on an opportunity to pass good link power and trust to your main pages that you are trying to rank well.  A good SEO agency should be able to handle all this for you, or you can potentially do this by yourself as well.

Structured Data

Google is moving towards structured data on into the future.  See for more information about structured data.  This is just extra markup on web pages that tells Google even more information about what is being presented on the page.  This is especially important for e-Commerce, and the companies that put on good structured data onto their websites are seeing good bumps in their rankings.

Heat Map And A/B Testing

Use these two types of testing to analyze how users navigate through your site and how to put your best foot forward.  In doing so, you will most likely be able to improve your on-page metrics.  This means people will spend more time on your page and your bounce rate should decrease fairly significantly.  That almost always translates into better rankings on Google.

These are just a few areas to consider when it comes to SEO for e-Commerce companies.  I hope this gets the conversation going!

Try Selling Sleep Products for Better Affiliate Income

Did you know that 1 in 3 people have reported having insomnia at some stage in their lives? Worse still, more and more people are not getting the recommended 8 hours every night because they dont have the time or because of factors such as stress. This means that the sleep products market is one where there is a lot money to be made. If you sign up with the right affiliate program you can easily support part of your monthly budget from the money that you make selling sleep products. So how is it done?
The first thing you have to do is identify sleep products that will give you healthy commissions. Sleep products exists in all forms some are special mattresses and pillows, others are snoring devices, some sell books that tell you what to do to sleep better and so on. Look through the different kinds of products and find one that pays well that you think you can sell.
The next thing is to build yourself an email list that you can use for your email campaigns. This is achieved by building a website that has information about the sleep product that you are selling as well as an opt-in section which will help you get email addresses. It is important that you get a professionally built website if you want to appeal to customers and also if you want to stay ahead of your competition.
Now that you have a website it is time to do active marketing. The best way to do this is through your social media profiles for your business and also through your blog. Look for information that is helpful to users and find ways to share it that make it relevant and interesting.
If you put in consistent effort in marketing your sleep product you will gradually see great results come your way.

Conversion Tips For e-Commerce Websites

Conversion is incredibly important to make an e-Commerce company work.  Websites need to do good online marketing so that people will come onto the site in the first place, but from there it’s a question of getting people to actually pay for stuff.  If you can’t do that, then you just aren’t going to be successful.  Here are some tips that I think would be helpful for an e-Commerce site owner to maximize their conversion rate.  See fairly recent Forbes article on the topic.


Retargeting ads are incredibly effective for e-Commerce websites.  Depending on the product, most people may come onto a site initially just to browse.  They may then forget about the product.  If that’s the case, then retargeting ads will be what it takes to get the person to come back onto the site.  Retargeting just means that you can show ads to people who have already been to your site.  You can then create rules within that group.  For example, you can show a specific type of ad to everyone who has been to a specific product page.  You could then offer a product-specific discount that would then provide an extra incentive to come back onto the site and buy that specific product.  Retargeting ads capture the people who were thinking about buying potentially, but they just need to be prodded along to make the make the final sale.

Heat Map Testing

You should use heat map software to increase your conversion rate.  With heat maps, you can get a visual display of how people navigate through your site.  You’ll see which pages people like and which pages people don’t like.  Within a specific page, you’ll see which parts of the page people spend their attention and which parts people tend to ignore.  This can be very eye-opening, and you can use this knowledge to change the content and layout of your site to maximize the user experience and thus the conversion rate.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is very powerful and simply means serving one version of a website to half your visitors and another version to the other half.  You are running a test to see which version of the website converts people better.  Over time, you will run many different tests, and you will slowly increase you conversion rate by choosing better and better versions of your website.  This is very important for e-Commerce sites and can be incredibly effective.

Targeted Traffic

Getting traffic to your site is great, but getting good, targeted traffic to your site is much better.  I like to get Google traffic because I know exactly what people are searching on Google.  I can then tailor my ads to people searching specific phrases.  Getting better traffic is a great way to increase your conversion rate.

These are just a few ideas.  There are certainly more ways to increase you conversion rate, but hopefully this will get the conversation going.  Doing this will definitely help with SEO as well (see more from our article here).  There’s no real reason not to have this as a priority.

Proven Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Bring in New Clients

Proven Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Bring in New Clients

Most chiropractors know that marketing their practice is important; the problem, however, is finding time to do it. As a chiropractor who is keen to grow his business, you must find time to market it in the right way and in the right places. You want to increase visibility in your local community because that is where your clients come from. Use the following ideas to get more clients coming to you rather than going to your competition:

Craft a monthly newsletter.
Most people out there would appreciate more information on chiropractic as a healing art and you are in a unique position to provide it and gain their trust. There are many topics that you can write about. Set aside a few every month, write informative articles about them in the form of a newsletter and mail it to your email list. Print out some newsletters to hand out in the office. If you can get some of your articles in the local paper it is a great way to get additional publicity.

Conduct progress exams.
Many patients often forget how badly off they were when they first saw a chiropractor and how much better they are now. Take time to remind your patients this if you want to get them to come back over and over again and also getting you referrals. Call them and have them come in for a progress exam compare “then” and “now”. They will be reminded just how much your services helped them and will come back or recommend you to someone else.

Give talks.
Talks are a great way of keeping the public educated. All you need to do is hire space for a couple of hours and prepare content. You can have talks in conjunction with other professionals. You can, for instance, team up with a physical trainer, a dietician or a nutritionist. They get to talk about the importance of having a healthy body and you get to talk about why it is important for people who are starting an exercise program to see a chiropractor for adjustments so that they don’t unnecessarily damage joints and tissue.

Send birthday greetings especially to older patients.
Everyone wants to be remembered on their birthday. Just sending out a personalized birthday message to your clients will remind them to come in for an adjustment. This is especially helpful for older clients – they lead less active lives. You should also take advantage of their friends – tell them to come in for a free adjustment if they can bring a friend.

chiropractor marketer

Have a professionally done brochure on the services you offer.
Yes, sure, you can cure back pain, but do your patients know what else you can do for them? Many chiropractors miss out on potential business simply because patients have no idea of the range of services that you offer. You should correct this by getting a professional design firm do a brochure for you that details your services.

Make sure you are in the Yellow Pages.
While it is true that many people now look for services online it is important to make sure that you are also listed in the Yellow Pages. The people who use them are not looking to make up their minds whether or not a chiropractor is good for them – they are looking for a chiropractor to work on them right away. This is especially true of the older demographic.

These chiropractic marketing ideas should help you see more and more clients seek you out.

Looking to Make Some Money Online? Try Selling Sleep Products

Many people are now no longer able to support themselves on the money that they make in their jobs. Many, in fact, don’t have any jobs at all so they have to try and make money whichever way they can. Fortunately, the internet has made it that much easier o make money from home it allows people to become affiliate marketers.
If you can find the right product and use the right methods to find people to buy it you have the potential to earn a four figure and even five figure incomes every month. One of the best selling products is those that are designed to enable people to sleep better. This is because everywhere you turn people have problems falling and staying asleep. So how can you make money? Use the following steps:
1. Go to Clickbank or other similar sites and choose a few sleep products that you feel that you can sell. One of the best ways to do this is try the products yourself so that you can know whether it works and how it works. There are hundreds of sleep products out there so it may take you quite a bit of time finding the best one but don’t stop until you do. It is important to find a product that you are passionate about as this makes selling it easier.
2. Once you have a few sleep products it is time to look at how much you will make on each of them. You want to find one that will bring you reasonable commissions at minimum costs. You may feel tempted to start off with more than one product at this point. It is not advisable unless you are an experienced affiliate marketer. Start with one, learn with it and over time you can become an affiliate for more than one product.
3. Next, visit the site for the product and find the instructions for affiliates. In most cases, you will be given a link that you can forward to prospective buyers and also place on your website. If anyone buys from you the commission is automatically sent to your account.
4. Once you have a link it is time to create a website. There are a lot of free tools that make website creation look easy but it is recommended that you use a professional whenever possible. You need a website that can compete with others who are selling the same sleep products so a professional touch is needed. Most owners of affiliate websites recommend content and even design of websites as a way of helping their affiliates. Your website must have an opt-in section so that you can collect emails for email campaigns.
5. You are now ready to go. Start churning out marketing material and remember that your social media pages are also very important in getting you prospective buyers.
Lastly, affiliate marketing for sleep product and all other products is not an overnight success story you have to work hard at it for some time to see any significant income.

Sleep Without Needing Products

Of course my site is focused on sleep as it relates to e-Commerce.   There is, however, an elephant in the room here.  It is possible to get better sleep through natural methods.  You can get a white noise machine if you have problems with the noise outside of your room.  You can take an Ambien to make it easier to go to sleep.  However, you can also do different things to change your lifestyle and make it easier for you to go to sleep.  Here are a few tips that I’ve found have really helped me along the way to my path to better sleep.

Eat Better

I have found that improving my diet has made it much easier to sleep.  Eating a bunch of sugary food was just terrible for my ability to sleep.  The ups and downs from it were just no good, and simply by eliminating a lot of these sugary foods, I was able to really improve my ability to sleep well.

Avoid Smartphones Near Bedtime

Smartphones trick your brain into thinking you should continue to be awake.  The light produced from your iPhone mimics the light that you get in the morning that naturally wakes you up.  So, if you look at your phone before you go to sleep, you are messing with nature and interfering with the way we as humans were designed to become awake and go to sleep.


If you constantly change your sleep schedule, you are really hurting your chances to get good sleep.  What you really want is a consistent time to go to bed and a consistent time to wake up.  Your body will then get accustomed to this schedule and you will be much more likely to get good sleep regularly.

Don’t Do Drugs

This is kind of a joke and also serious.  If you drink a lot of caffeine and alcohol, that is just no good for you and getting sleep.  You might think that alcohol helps you go to sleep, but it is a guarantee that you will get up in the middle of the night, possibly several times, and not be able to go back to sleep very easily.  Drinking too much caffeine really hurts you as well.

Decrease Stress

Stress it an enemy of good sleep.  If you are stressed out a lot, your mind is going to be very active when you are trying to go to sleep.  To get around this, you need to identify the cause of your stress and attack.  I have found that a consistent workout schedule really helps with stress, so you should consider incorporating that into your life if you haven’t already.

These are just a few tips.  There are certainly other things you can.  Take a look at this article for even more information about how to sleep better naturally without having to buy products for it.  Good luck to you and I hope that you can start sleeping really well asap!

Test Drive

I’ve received a lot of questions about my site.  Fundamentally, people say things like “don’t you need to try these products out first before you can have the confidence to buy them?”  They are referring to things like pillows, sheets, mattresses, sound machines, etc.  Yeah, that’s a really good question and something I should just try to address now.  You may think that trying out a cool pillow at a store will be all that you need to buy it.  You might be afraid to buy one without trying it out first.  Here’s what I would say to that.

For things like pillows, just go online and read the thousands of reviews that are available.  If 95% of people really like something, chances are that you will like it too.  There is enough information available online where you don’t need to try something out for yourself before you will want to buy that thing.  Be careful if there’s only a few reviews available online, as those reviews might be planted by someone affiliated with the company.  BUT, if there’s enough reviews, you can develop a good idea whether you will like the product.  For example, look at Reverie adjustable beds review before purchasing.

The next thing to note is that you can usually have a free trial period and free returns.  If you can try something out for a month and then send it back for free, why would you be worried about not being able to try something out first?  If you can read a whole bunch of reviews online and then try the product out for free for a whole month, you really have nothing to worry about.  Studies also show that trying a sleep product out for a couple of minutes at a store is a poor indicator of how you will like the product over the long-term.  Therefore, it’s possible even more dangerous to try a product out at a store.  You might as well just go to a youtube channel and experience the mattress second hand.  Keep these things in mind.

What’s Up Next For Sleep E-Commerce

It’s prediction time.  We’ve seen a huge shift over the past we’ll say 5 years of sleep-related products being purchased online.  The biggest shift has probably happened in the mattress industry.  New companies are coming in and disrupting established companies with a potentially antiquated business model.  Those companies have been very successful, and so they beg the question of what will come next.

If I had to put my money on it, I would say that bedding will come next.  Yeah, you can buy sheets online, but for some reason it hasn’t really taken off yet.  You can learn about things like thread count and read a whole bunch of reviews online for the different options that you have.  Sheets have become pretty commoditized, and the price tag is pretty low, so there’s really no risk for consumers to buy online.  What I don’t see happening though, is for some company to come in an easily take and keep market share.  It’s hard to differentiate yourself as a bedding company, unlike how you can in the mattress industry.  There are only so many points of differentiation in this industry, so it may not be attractive for entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs need to know that they can take and then keep market share before they decide to start a company.

Other than this, I will bet that sleep in general will become a more popular topic.  Arianna Huffington and other celebrities are talking about more and more.  There may be an opportunity to take advantage of this new trend of people talking more and more about sleep.  Someone might come out with a new product that you can buy online that could help you sleep better.  Either way, it’s an always-changing space and there will certainly be many interesting developments to come.