Conversion Tips For e-Commerce Websites

Conversion is incredibly important to make an e-Commerce company work.  Websites need to do good online marketing so that people will come onto the site in the first place, but from there it’s a question of getting people to actually pay for stuff.  If you can’t do that, then you just aren’t going to be successful.  Here are some tips that I think would be helpful for an e-Commerce site owner to maximize their conversion rate.  See fairly recent Forbes article on the topic.


Retargeting ads are incredibly effective for e-Commerce websites.  Depending on the product, most people may come onto a site initially just to browse.  They may then forget about the product.  If that’s the case, then retargeting ads will be what it takes to get the person to come back onto the site.  Retargeting just means that you can show ads to people who have already been to your site.  You can then create rules within that group.  For example, you can show a specific type of ad to everyone who has been to a specific product page.  You could then offer a product-specific discount that would then provide an extra incentive to come back onto the site and buy that specific product.  Retargeting ads capture the people who were thinking about buying potentially, but they just need to be prodded along to make the make the final sale.

Heat Map Testing

You should use heat map software to increase your conversion rate.  With heat maps, you can get a visual display of how people navigate through your site.  You’ll see which pages people like and which pages people don’t like.  Within a specific page, you’ll see which parts of the page people spend their attention and which parts people tend to ignore.  This can be very eye-opening, and you can use this knowledge to change the content and layout of your site to maximize the user experience and thus the conversion rate.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is very powerful and simply means serving one version of a website to half your visitors and another version to the other half.  You are running a test to see which version of the website converts people better.  Over time, you will run many different tests, and you will slowly increase you conversion rate by choosing better and better versions of your website.  This is very important for e-Commerce sites and can be incredibly effective.

Targeted Traffic

Getting traffic to your site is great, but getting good, targeted traffic to your site is much better.  I like to get Google traffic because I know exactly what people are searching on Google.  I can then tailor my ads to people searching specific phrases.  Getting better traffic is a great way to increase your conversion rate.

These are just a few ideas.  There are certainly more ways to increase you conversion rate, but hopefully this will get the conversation going.  Doing this will definitely help with SEO as well (see more from our article here).  There’s no real reason not to have this as a priority.