Get A White Noise Machine Online

A lot of people have trouble sleeping.  What they don’t do a good job is figuring out why they have such trouble getting to sleep.  If you live in a big city, your apartment might be vulnerable to lots of noise on the street.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could block out that noise?  Yes, it would be.  For me personally, I have a couple of people that I live with.  We have different sleeping schedules, so sometimes I stay up later than they do, and sometimes they stay up later than I do.  They halls of our apartment are pretty creaky, and as such, it’s easy to be woken up when someone is walking through the halls.

The best way that I have gotten around this issue is by using a white noise machine.  What is that exactly?  It’s just a machine that produces ambient noise that is soothing and that you can easily fall asleep to.  It then blocks out almost all the noise outside of your room.  So, if you live with someone else, you won’t hear them walking down the hallways at night.  You will be much more likely to stay asleep when you actually get to sleep as well.  Simply by getting a white noise machine, you can significantly increase the duration and quality of your sleep.  If you can do that, then you will be on your way to a much better life.  There’s really no good reason that I can think of not to at least give this kind of thing a try.  The machines are pretty cheap, so the risk is very minimal.  You can even download an iPhone app that attempts to mimic one of these machines.  So, what are you waiting for?  Why not give it a try today?  You can thank me later.  Happy sleeping.

Which platform for e-Commerce website

We should first say that if you are running a major company that does e-Commerce, you should have a large tech team that manages your website for you.  You shouldn’t use a simple platform.  You need to have a solid tech team with an e-Commerce background to make sure that you are set straight for the technical side of your business.

If you are just selling a couple of products and you haven’t raised enough money to hire a large tech team, then you should consider whether to use Shopify, WordPress, or some other tool to manage your website.

WordPress is probably the best if SEO is key to your business.  There are so many plugins that are great for SEO that WordPress is almost a no brainer if this will be important for your success.  You will have to host the site yourself and you won’t have the ease of use that Shopify can provide.  The support and hosting that Shopify is really great.  I would say if you have some knowledge of coding and running and managing a website, then using WordPress with an e-Commerce plugin will probably be the way to go.

Shopify is perfect for the person who doesn’t have a ton of experience with running a website.  If you just have a product or two and don’t want to have to deal with getting your own hosting or figuring out the technical problems by yourself, then Shopify is really great.  The downside is the lack of customization of the websites compared to the capabilities of WordPress.  Shopify is okay for SEO, but it doesn’t have the plugins and the real customization that is really great for SEO that WordPress provides.  If that doesn’t really matter to you and won’t affect your business very much, then you should probably just use Shopify.  Everything is super straightforward and easy to use.  You don’t need that much experience to be able to pull of a pretty cool website.

You can certainly do a normal HTML website and figure everything out on your own.  If you have experience in web development, by all means go ahead and do this option.  It may still be much easier and less time-consuming to just use Shopify or WordPress.  If you really want to learn how to run things on your own, I would consider the courses at Treehouse or Udemy.  You can read reviews of those sites here and here.  It will take some time and some trial and error and real learning, but it could be potentially a rewarding experience to learn how to do everything on your own.

I hope this helps in some way.

Arm Yourself with Information

You found our site.  Clearly you are looking to know more about e-Commerce.  Perhaps you are trying to buy something online soon.  You are wondering, should I buy this one thing online or should I try it out in a store?  Well, we have one thing to say to you: arm yourself with information.  Here’s what you need to know.

Online Reviews Can Be Fake Quite Often

You really have to consider the source if you are looking at reviews online.  Mashable has some good information on this topic here.  Yelp does a good job of filtering out fake reviews, but do other sites do as good of a job?  Not really.  In fact, most sites don’t really do that good of a job of filtering out fake reviews.  As a result, you can easily be duped into buying something because you didn’t realize that the positive reviews you read online were all bogus.  Amazon, for example, doesn’t require you to prove that you purchased the product in order to review it.  That seems a little sketchy to me.  You know those star ratings you see on Google when you search stuff sometimes?  Well, be very wary of those.  They calculate those stars by compiling reviews from multiple review sites.  BUT, quite often the controls for getting legitimate reviews on those sites are often quite weak and retailers take advantage by putting out fraudulent reviews.

You need to be very discerning when you look at reviews online.  Ask yourself if you really think the person bought the product.  There are definitely patterns that you can pick up where you can easily tell that a review isn’t real.  Have a watchful eye and you’ll be fine.

Find Good Info Sites

There are some really good information sites that can help you identify the best product for you to buy online.  Like this one here, for example.  You want to find an unbiased resource that provides first a ton of information about the product or service you are trying to buy, and then second perhaps provides unbiased and easy-to-understand reviews or at least links to those sources somewhere else across the web.  You should first learn as much as you can about the product before you ever consider buying anything.

Look at Forums

Forums can be a good resource for information on e-Commerce.  If there is a fake person trying to give a positive review of something, they can usually get found out pretty quickly.  That makes forums a more legitimate source for finding unbiased information.  I would actually recommend looking at forums more than review sites because of this fact alone.  You can usually go through the history of the forum and search for exactly what you are looking for and see if people have talked about a certain product or service before.

Social Media

Social media is a great place to look for e-Commerce information online.  You can really find some helpful stuff by, for example, throwing up a question to all of your Facebook friends.  You’d be surprised at all the responses you will get from people that you haven’t even spoken to in a long time.

Be Wary in General

While it’s good to arm yourself with information in general, you should always be wary about the source of that information.  There’s a lot of biased information across the web, and there’s a lot of misinformation across the web as well.  You need to be confident in your source and then go from there.  If you can do this and arm yourself with as much relevant and unbiased information as humanly possible, things will go well for you, and you will be happy with your e-Commerce decision.


Mobile e-Commerce Is Here To Stay

For anyone who has a website, there is no getting around the fact that an increasing number of your website visitors are browsing from a mobile device. When it comes to e-Commerce, things can get tricky with mobile. If you expect to take advantage of this mobile revolution and still get a bunch of sales from mobile devices, then you need to have a really responsive, awesome, and mobile-friendly website.

You’d be surprised at how many of your competitors do not have responsive websites. If you were to check their sites out on an iPhone, they look terrible and they will probably cause people to bounce from the site really quickly. This means missed sales and a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate is a big sign to Google that you have a bad user experience, and it may penalize your website in the search engine rankings as a result. 10 years from now, who knows what things will look like, but most likely everyone will have great-looking mobile websites. You should get out ahead of your competitors and make an awesome new mobile site immediately. The benefits will be your conversion rate will skyrocket and your site bounce rate will plummet. It will be a double-whammy boon for your business and honestly could make or break you.

Another thing you need to then consider after you have a mobile-friendly site is creating really high quality mobile-friendly ads. I’m talking of course about Facebook and Google here. You should find all the sites that are relevant to you in Google’s display network that are mobile-friendly. You should then create really good responsive ads. People will be much more likely to click on those ads and then they will appreciate it a lot when they come to your site and find that it too is mobile-friendly. This will improve the ROI on ad campaigns and again increase your conversion rate and decrease your bounce rate.

Mobile commerce is here to stay. Your competitors are slowing moving in the right direction. You need to sprint past them if you want to succeed in business. There’s just no way around it.

What To Look For When Buying Mattresses Online

If you are looking to get a mattress online, I commend you.  You can generally get a way better deal and then you also don’t have to deal with the nonsense that everyone associates with going to a physical mattress store.  You are probably also just being lazy and/or hate shopping.  I respect the heck out of that as well.  Here’s what you should look for if you are going to try to get a mattress online.

a mattress


You should be paying a lot less than you would for a comparable mattress at a store.  Some companies that sell exclusively online (such as the Saatva luxury mattresses) all market their products as being roughly half the cost of a normal mattress.  You need to be sure that the price.  Do a little research and you will find the answer.  You just have to ask.

Return Policy

If you are getting something without trying it out first, you need to be comfortable with the return policy.  Is there a restocking fee?  How long is the return policy?  These are things you need to be asking yourself.  If there’s a good return policy, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about the fact that you are buying something online.


There are usually tons of reviews available for mattresses online.  You have to be careful though.  Some companies direct people to write fake reviews.  You have to make sure you weed out the fake reviews and read enough reviews overall that you get a general consensus about the mattress and the company you are buying from.  If you do enough research, it should be all good dawg.

If you look for these things, you will probably be making a great decision.  Research shows that going to a mattress store and trying out a mattress for a little bit of time is a poor indicator of how well you will like the product.  That is why so many more people are satisfied when buying online.  It’s a trend that isn’t going to stop anytime soon.  Take advantage of this and get a great mattress online.

What You Can Buy Online For Better Sleep

Finding a way to get better sleep is like finding a good-looking girl who is smart and cool: it’s pretty difficult.  With that said, the advent of e-Commerce has made it easier and easier to find products that can help you get a good night of sleep.  In this article, I’m going to go through various products that you can buy from the comfort of your home and get a better night of sleep.


Did you know that you can buy mattresses online?  I didn’t until about two years ago.  Some of the best mattress companies out there sell exclusively online.  They cut out the middle man of the process, which thus allows you to buy a really good mattress at a price that is extremely affordable.  If you can get a great night of sleep with a good mattress, then buy that sucker online!  What are you waiting for?

White noise machines

White noise machines produce ambient noise to drown out any other outside noise.  If you live in New York City, you might have a lot of distracting noises going on outside that can interrupt your sleep.  That is where white noise machines come in.  Get one of these and you’ll be on you way to better sleep.

Chamomile tea

This tea is amazing at getting you to sleep.  It naturally relaxes you and is just simply amazing.  Stop what you are doing, go online, and buy some chamomile tea.


Getting good bedding is really important for getting a good night of sleep.  If you can get really good and high thread count sheets, you will be at an advantage over your peers (not that it’s a competition, lol!).  This is a type of item that you should feel very comfortable buying online.

You can get any of the above items online.  The companies that sell these items usually have a really good return policy, so you shouldn’t have any fear.  Buy away!