Test Drive

I’ve received a lot of questions about my site.  Fundamentally, people say things like “don’t you need to try these products out first before you can have the confidence to buy them?”  They are referring to things like pillows, sheets, mattresses, sound machines, etc.  Yeah, that’s a really good question and something I should just try to address now.  You may think that trying out a cool pillow at a store will be all that you need to buy it.  You might be afraid to buy one without trying it out first.  Here’s what I would say to that.

For things like pillows, just go online and read the thousands of reviews that are available.  If 95% of people really like something, chances are that you will like it too.  There is enough information available online where you don’t need to try something out for yourself before you will want to buy that thing.  Be careful if there’s only a few reviews available online, as those reviews might be planted by someone affiliated with the company.  BUT, if there’s enough reviews, you can develop a good idea whether you will like the product.  For example, look at Reverie adjustable beds review before purchasing.

The next thing to note is that you can usually have a free trial period and free returns.  If you can try something out for a month and then send it back for free, why would you be worried about not being able to try something out first?  If you can read a whole bunch of reviews online and then try the product out for free for a whole month, you really have nothing to worry about.  Studies also show that trying a sleep product out for a couple of minutes at a store is a poor indicator of how you will like the product over the long-term.  Therefore, it’s possible even more dangerous to try a product out at a store.  You might as well just go to a youtube channel and experience the mattress second hand.  Keep these things in mind.