What To Look For When Buying Mattresses Online

If you are looking to get a mattress online, I commend you.  You can generally get a way better deal and then you also don’t have to deal with the nonsense that everyone associates with going to a physical mattress store.  You are probably also just being lazy and/or hate shopping.  I respect the heck out of that as well.  Here’s what you should look for if you are going to try to get a mattress online.

a mattress


You should be paying a lot less than you would for a comparable mattress at a store.  Some companies that sell exclusively online (such as the Saatva luxury mattresses) all market their products as being roughly half the cost of a normal mattress.  You need to be sure that the price.  Do a little research and you will find the answer.  You just have to ask.

Return Policy

If you are getting something without trying it out first, you need to be comfortable with the return policy.  Is there a restocking fee?  How long is the return policy?  These are things you need to be asking yourself.  If there’s a good return policy, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about the fact that you are buying something online.


There are usually tons of reviews available for mattresses online.  You have to be careful though.  Some companies direct people to write fake reviews.  You have to make sure you weed out the fake reviews and read enough reviews overall that you get a general consensus about the mattress and the company you are buying from.  If you do enough research, it should be all good dawg.

If you look for these things, you will probably be making a great decision.  Research shows that going to a mattress store and trying out a mattress for a little bit of time is a poor indicator of how well you will like the product.  That is why so many more people are satisfied when buying online.  It’s a trend that isn’t going to stop anytime soon.  Take advantage of this and get a great mattress online.