What’s Up Next For Sleep E-Commerce

It’s prediction time.  We’ve seen a huge shift over the past we’ll say 5 years of sleep-related products being purchased online.  The biggest shift has probably happened in the mattress industry.  New companies are coming in and disrupting established companies with a potentially antiquated business model.  Those companies have been very successful, and so they beg the question of what will come next.

If I had to put my money on it, I would say that bedding will come next.  Yeah, you can buy sheets online, but for some reason it hasn’t really taken off yet.  You can learn about things like thread count and read a whole bunch of reviews online for the different options that you have.  Sheets have become pretty commoditized, and the price tag is pretty low, so there’s really no risk for consumers to buy online.  What I don’t see happening though, is for some company to come in an easily take and keep market share.  It’s hard to differentiate yourself as a bedding company, unlike how you can in the mattress industry.  There are only so many points of differentiation in this industry, so it may not be attractive for entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs need to know that they can take and then keep market share before they decide to start a company.

Other than this, I will bet that sleep in general will become a more popular topic.  Arianna Huffington and other celebrities are talking about more and more.  There may be an opportunity to take advantage of this new trend of people talking more and more about sleep.  Someone might come out with a new product that you can buy online that could help you sleep better.  Either way, it’s an always-changing space and there will certainly be many interesting developments to come.