Which platform for e-Commerce website

We should first say that if you are running a major company that does e-Commerce, you should have a large tech team that manages your website for you.  You shouldn’t use a simple platform.  You need to have a solid tech team with an e-Commerce background to make sure that you are set straight for the technical side of your business.

If you are just selling a couple of products and you haven’t raised enough money to hire a large tech team, then you should consider whether to use Shopify, WordPress, or some other tool to manage your website.

WordPress is probably the best if SEO is key to your business.  There are so many plugins that are great for SEO that WordPress is almost a no brainer if this will be important for your success.  You will have to host the site yourself and you won’t have the ease of use that Shopify can provide.  The support and hosting that Shopify is really great.  I would say if you have some knowledge of coding and running and managing a website, then using WordPress with an e-Commerce plugin will probably be the way to go.

Shopify is perfect for the person who doesn’t have a ton of experience with running a website.  If you just have a product or two and don’t want to have to deal with getting your own hosting or figuring out the technical problems by yourself, then Shopify is really great.  The downside is the lack of customization of the websites compared to the capabilities of WordPress.  Shopify is okay for SEO, but it doesn’t have the plugins and the real customization that is really great for SEO that WordPress provides.  If that doesn’t really matter to you and won’t affect your business very much, then you should probably just use Shopify.  Everything is super straightforward and easy to use.  You don’t need that much experience to be able to pull of a pretty cool website.

You can certainly do a normal HTML website and figure everything out on your own.  If you have experience in web development, by all means go ahead and do this option.  It may still be much easier and less time-consuming to just use Shopify or WordPress.  If you really want to learn how to run things on your own, I would consider the courses at Treehouse or Udemy.  You can read reviews of those sites here and here.  It will take some time and some trial and error and real learning, but it could be potentially a rewarding experience to learn how to do everything on your own.

I hope this helps in some way.